Copy Folder


Copy Folder [POST]

Copy an existing folder with all of it’s forms (with their questions unanswered).

Authorization: Admin, Web, Mobile

As the folder is being copied, the server will send back pusher notifications for the progress of the copied forms.

This table describes the pusher channel, event name (which matches the response body JSON above), and the data object that will be sent. The data object tells the you the latest form that was copied, the current number of copied forms, and the total overall number. From this, the you indicate a progress bar.

Channel: private-user-1013

Event Name: FolderCopy32186

Data Object:

    status: 200,
    formId: 4564,
    copied: 5,
    total: 7


  "id": 33879,
  "description": "Facility Checks",
  "schedules": [
      "userId": 2228,
      "scheduleFrom": "2015-08-08T08:30:00Z",
      "scheduleTo": "2015-08-08T09:30:00Z",
      "note": "New note on schedule"

Response 200

  "item": {
    "id": 32186
  "eventName": "FolderCopy32186"

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