Location Object

Field Guide

The following fields are returned when listing locations.

Attribute Description
id unique identifier of location
guid globally unique identifier of location
accountId unique identifier of location’s account
num num of location created by user
name name of location
address address
city city
state state or province
zip zip or postal code
country country
rowStatus status of location (active, inactive, etc)
createdAt date and time the location was created
createdBy id of user who created location
modifiedAt date and time the location was last updated


	"id": 34990,
	"guid": "d5a94b78-ba2e-4c96-80b3-6942fbda1c1a",
	"accountId": 19398,
	"num": "DAP",
	"name": "Dallas Area Plant",
	"address": "",
	"city": "",
	"state": "",
	"zip": "",
	"country": "",
	"rowStatus": 1,
	"createdAt": "2014-10-09T19:24:50.000Z",
	"createdBy": {
		"id": 1000,
		"firstName": "Jason",
		"lastName": "Shehane"
	"modifiedAt": "2015-03-18T20:04:30.490Z",
	"areasCount": 1,
	"foldersCount": 1,
	"assetsCount": 1

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