Create a Zap in Zapier (Tutorial)

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Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. 

InspectAll has a  Zapier app which allows you to easily connect with over 750 other apps and services such as Salesforce, Quickbooks, Gmail....  If you'd like access to our Zapier app just submit a request to or contact your account rep.  Click here for more information

Creating a Zap

Let's start by creating a simple Zap to give you an idea of how it works.

In this tutorial, we are going to create a Zap that sends an email message in Gmail when I close a folder in InspectAll.

- Login to Zapier

- Click on the orange "Make a Zap!" button at the top

Choose your "Trigger".  The Trigger is the action in the InspectAll program that you want to trigger an action in another program (or vice versa).

In this example, we are choosing an InspectAll trigger.  So I'm selecting "InspectAll" from the list of "My Apps".

Pick the trigger.

I'm going to select "Closed Folder", so that whenever I close a folder in InspectAll, it will send me an email.

In the next screen, you will be asked to "Select InspectAll Account".

Click on "Connect an Account", and here is where you will enter the API token we gave you (as the Username).  For the password, just type in something simple, like "X".  Then click on "Yes, Continue".

Now, you are going to be asked to "Test InspectAll."  Just click on the blue "Connect and Continue" button.  It will take a couple minutes to connect. If you haven't created any folders in InspectAll yet, now's a good time to do that so you can test it out.

Next, you will need to choose an Action App.  The "action" is what you want to happen when you execute the "trigger" you selected in the first part.  

In this example, I'm selecting the email "action".

Fill out the information for the email (who you want it sent to, subject line, and body).  You can choose information to pull into the subject or body of the email (such as the Account information or Folder ID) by clicking on the icon to the left of the field and choosing your option(s) from the drop down list.

Now you can test it and click "Finish" if it's all good to go.

The last step is turning on your Zap.  So give it a name, and click on the "your Zap is OFF" to turn it on.

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